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Background and Identification

The Blu Dash 5.0 is a smartphone released in 2013 that is equipped with Android 4.2 Jellybean software. It features a 5.0 inch LCD Display and touchscreen. Along with WiFi and Bluetooth capability, the Blu Dash 5.0 possesses 2 SIM card slots making it ideal for international travel and is capable of holding a microSD card with up to 32 Gigabytes of storage space.

A Blu Dash 5.0 can be easily identified by turning the phone over, where 'BLU' is imprinted in the center and the words '5.0 Mega' can be found to the left of the camera. Remove the back panel and battery to locate the product information. A BLU Dash 5.0 shows the following information: Model- Dash 5.0, Part No- D410a, Type- 01, and FCC ID- YHLBLUDASH50.

A small speaker, along with the 'Home', 'Back', and 'Options' buttons can be found on the front . The volume rocker is on the right side of the phone, while the 'Power' button is located opposite. The main phone speaker is on the back of the phone towards the bottom. The phone comes in several colors including Yellow, White, Black, and Blue, along with many others.


You can identify solutions to issues you might have by going to the Blu Dash 5.0 Dual SIM Troubleshooting Page.

Additional Information

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