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If experiencing any problems with the Canon PowerShot SD700 IS, use the Troubleshooting Guide.

Background & Identification

The Canon PowerShot SD700 IS is a prime example of a high quality camera; it has six megapixels with imaging stabilization (IS) capabilities that include vibratory sensors used to correct camera shaking. The camera provides high quality pictures in dark and light scenes with help from the five modes and many other settings. The Canon PowerShot SD700 IS has an MSRP value of $500 and requires SD memory card storage.

To verify that you have a Canon PowerShot SD700 IS, please check to make sure that the box with the camera included the following items:

PowerShot SD700 IS Body

Lithium Battery Pack NB-5L

Battery Charger CB-2LX

SD Memory Card SDC-16M

Wrist Strap WS-700

Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM

USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU

AV Cable AVC-DC300

WARNING: Despite the similarities in names and features, this camera is NOT the Canon PowerShot A700. Make sure that the dimensions on your camera are 90.4mm × 56.5mm × 26.4mm. If they are 95mm × 67mm × 43mm then your camera is the A700. Despite the similarities in name and features, the A700 is much bulkier and more curvaceous in comparison to the SD700 IS.

To distinguish this specific Canon PowerShot from other Canon cameras, make sure that your SD700 IS includes a built in flash and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. Other features on the SD700 IS are, an optical viewfinder, a 4x optical zoom, and a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (mini-B jack). Lastly, please confirm that the model number on your camera matches with the Canon PowerShot SD700 model number, PC1176.

Additional Information

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